Website design in 2020 will feature clean white space, as well as interactivity and technology advances that allow for many new and neat features. While Java is being phased out, there are still many options for making your website look fantastic with clean, modern design. Here’s what you’ll see more of for web design in 2020.

Text-Only Heroes

The hero space on websites will favor large text elements that make a statement. Not only that, but text-only heroes will start to take over the large graphics that used to sit in that space. As companies work to make bold statements, their hero space will serve that purpose with web design that favors a variety of typefaces with varying impacts.

For example, all caps for one- to three-word phrases designed to grab attention followed by 7-10 words of a subhead in a lighter, thinner font is becoming the new trend for heroes.

Versatile Gradients

For several years, gradients were so last decade. Then 2020 rolled around and showed us how minimalist gradients can give visual interest to essential areas of a website. While flat design is still popular from a minimalism standpoint, slowly minimalist gradients are replacing completely flat designs to bring in new design elements.

These are not the gradients of the last decade where they fade to transparent, white or black. Instead, the new trend for gradients is to use multiple brand colors that fade into one another.

Ample White Space

White space is nothing new for websites, so this is more a website design trend that’s continuing. Allowing a design breathing room and ensuring that it isn’t overly complex means keeping ample white space.

In fact, in 2020, you’ll even see some websites that are entirely black and white. That will allow the bold text to tell your company’s brand story and explain the value you bring your customers.

Motion Based on User Activity

Animations that play on scroll, rollover, click or other website visitor actions are a rising trend. Animations and movement on a website vary from minor, such as animation that offers the user feedback on their actions (such as hover, click, etc.) to much more bold animations. A bold animation might show on page load and show in just a couple seconds what your brand is all about.

Using video and animation within website design is not a new trend, but it continues to permeate the industry more and more. A good website designer looks for simple ways to offer website visitors feedback and interactivity through motion.


Brands like Google continue to use illustrations to showcase ideas and concepts. Within a good illustration, you can tell a story or communicate an idea to your visitors in a matter of seconds with one short glance.

Illustrations also offer the opportunity to showcase your brand colors, style and personality in a bold way. Stock images have progressively become stuffier and unengaging for the average visitor. Instead, web design leans heavily upon custom illustrations targeted at telling a brand story in short order.

Large Type Elements

Much like we discussed at the beginning with text-only hero elements, large type elements are popular in website design for 2020. As part of this trend, we’re seeing outlined fonts as quite popular. It gives weight to the text without making it too bold or heavy and inviting in some fresh space for that bold text.

Consider using large type elements to communicate your keywords or phrases for your brand. The words you choose to make large and bring to the forefront of your web design should mean something, so choose those words and typeface carefully.

Website Design for the New Decade

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