Designing a new website can be exciting – from choosing the font to deciding the color palette, this is a chance to create your online presence just as you wanted it to be.

But inspiration is hard to come by, and designers may struggle even with the simplest task of deciding the right color scheme.

Sometimes, we just can’t find the right color; other times, they just don’t sit right with the brand and business we are designing for. After all, colors can increase the web recognition of a brand by 80%.

More research shows that using the right color in the checkout area of a website can increase the clicks by 11%. So there’s no denying the importance of using the right colors at every step of quality web design.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own colors and explore many others?

Here are five tools that can help you pick the perfect colors.

1.     ColorSnapper 2

ColorSnapper 2 lets you play around with colors by modifying and adjusting them – you can even save a shade and export it if it’s the right color for your website.

Use the built-in magnifying glass to zoom into images and select the right colors. This tool is often used by graphic designers to organize and arrange colors according to themes.

However, ColorSnapper 2 is only available for use on macOS.

2.     Adobe Capture CC

Have you ever come across colors in real life that you just couldn’t find on your screen?

Adobe Capture CC helps you use the exact colors you see in certain pictures or real life – just upload a picture and let this software extract its color theme. Later, save and export the colors from that picture for use in your web designing project.

Fun, isn’t it? Now you can find the exact shades you liked from certain pictures and use the inspiration from real life in your web design.

3.     Color Hunter

Adobe Capture isn’t the only tool that offers to make colors out of images. Color hunter serves the same purpose.

You can upload any image you like, and the website instantly extracts its color theme and presents it to you.

Alternatively, enter the URL of the image you like and voila! You have the colors right there, select the ones you like and make your own color palette from it.

4.     Hue Snap

We all have times when we see things that inspire us and trigger a stream of great ideas in our heads. While taking a photo for later use can be a good idea to save it, you might lose the train of thought or the specific feeling later on.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just start giving a form to your idea on the spot? Well, now you can. Hue Snap is a mobile friendly tool for you to create and save your own palettes. This tool helps you take pictures and use them to create your own shades anywhere, and any time through your phone.

It has the option to save and share your palettes with others too. So your idea doesn’t have to wait until you reach home or get on your computer. Start then and there!

5.     LOL Colors

Do you want to avoid the headache of making your own colors but still want a variety to choose from? LOL Colors is an online tool that provides you with curated color palettes to choose from.

You might find the right color theme here.

It’s challenging but important to find new and exciting color schemes, if you are to stay relevant in the web design industry and create a website that delights visitors.

These are some of the many tools available online to help you come up with the perfect color scheme for your web design – get the most out of these so you can make your website stand out.