8 Things Every Small Business Website Needs for Success

| Kaitlin Farris |

If you are a business owner and you have decided it is time to build your first business website, or give your existing one a makeover, it is easy to get overwhelmed. A new small business website design is a digital blank canvas. There are endless styles, strategies, and design trends you can incorporate on your new website.

Fortunately, with years of experience developing websites, we discovered there are some elements to creating a business website to guarantee it is effective. Regardless of personal tastes or preferences we make it work. In this website design blog post, we have outlined the eight essentials every small business website should have to be successful.

Use Accurate Contact Information

A mistake businesses often make on their websites is not featuring helpful contact information. Therefore, if  someone is browsing your website all possible avenues for getting in touch must be available. Above all, failing to feature a piece of contact information, or  inaccurate contact information, will frustrate potential customers.

The following are important pieces of contact information that should always be made available on a business website:

  • official company name
  • phone number
  • fax number
  • email address
  • physical address
  • a map to your physical address
  • hours
  • closing dates

Keep in mind that if your business relies on appointments, be sure to highlight the phone number. For instance, you should put the phone number at the top of every page. Furthermore, you should carefully discern if there is a piece of contact information that should not be shared with the public.

Include a Contact Form

It is crucial for any website to include a contact form. For instance, most businesses consider a contact form submission from a website visitor to be a lead. A lead is a qualified prospect who could be a potential customer. If lead generation is a goal for your business, and especially if you are interested in building your email list, having a contact form on your website is necessary.

Leverage Calls to Action

Simply having a contact form on your website does not mean visitors will be filling it out. From a marketing psychology standpoint, you need to excite users with a reason to contact your business. Therefore, you can do this by requesting them to do something, or giving them a “call to action,” on your website.

According to marketing software company HubSpot, The definition of a call to action is “the part of a story, webpage, advertisement, or piece of content that encourages the audience to do something.” On your website, include call-to-action links and buttons for users to click on that will lead them to a contact form. Giving visitors a clear reason to contact your business, they will feel more urgency to purchase your product or services. Furthermore, you will generate a higher return on investment for building a new website using these tactics.

Create an About Page

Your about page is a space to showcase with text and images what makes your business special. It helps customers choose to hire you rather than a competitor. Over time, it has become an unofficial standard practice for websites to have an about page. Furthermore, not having an about page or section on your website now is a red flag sign to website visitors. Not having an about page shows a lack of authority and professional awareness. Furthermore, since it is an opportunity to communicate, businesses and organizations in niche industries can use the about page or section as an opportunity to explain what they provide.

Highlight Services or Specialties

The benefits of having a list of your services or areas of specialization are twofold. First off, highlighting what your business offers gives website users clarity on what you can — or cannot — provide. Having such a list will filter out individuals who are not ideal clients or customers. This will save your business time and money. Secondly, listing your services and specialties is a way to get your website noticed by search engines. Above all, it helps search engines rank for keyword terms accurately associated with your business. You will improve your website’s SEO and naturally attract the right people to your business. Above all, you should incorporate this simple yet important element.

Add Photos and Videos

In the age of fake news online, people more than ever crave authenticity. Real photos and videos, not stock photography, are a proven strategy to showcase evidence of what your business claims to provide. Some ways to include photos on a website is by adding a headshot of each employee on your team page, or images of employees performing services at the location of your business. For incorporating video on your website, a popular method is to place a short clip about what your business offers on the homepage. Not only will these visuals make your website look enticing and polished, they will also help build trust with website visitors.

Feature Testimonials and Work Examples

Do you have a client that has left behind a nice written review of their experience working with you, such as on Google My Business or on your company social media accounts? For those who operate a business in a project-related industry, is there an example of previous work that you often reference to potential customers? If you were able to say yes to at least one of those questions, then that means you have valuable material to put on your business website.

Client testimonials are among the best examples of providing social proof about the validity of your services, and what makes them better is that they’re completely free. Above all, if you can feature testimonials, examples, or both, everything you communicate through your website will be more convincing to viewers.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Since July 1, 2019, Google has implemented mobile-first indexing on new websites. In other words, Google is crawling the mobile versions of all new websites introduced to the internet to determine how they render on mobile devices compared to the desktop versions.

In other words, if your website doesn’t appear to look nice on mobile, it could hurt how it ranks in Google’s search engine results. Plus, since the majority of online traffic comes from smartphone users, your business ultimately will not succeed if it is not a pleasant digital destination for potential customers. It is undoubtedly important to prioritize how your website renders on mobile devices.

Build an Effective Business Website with These Tips

Whether you’re creating your very first business website or revamping an outdated one, there are many things to consider throughout the process. Building a site is a project that requires thought about branding strategy, business goals, technology, and much more. If you manage to incorporate each of the components mentioned in this blog post on your new website, there is no way it will not generate results for your business.

While this list of advice may seem daunting to think about, taking an appropriate amount of time to think through these points is fundamental to ensuring satisfaction with your finished website. Our team is more than happy to collaborate with you on building a brand new business website that is sure to boost your bottom line.

Kelly Website Design is your one-stop solution for all of your online marketing needs, including web design. Contact us today at https://www.kellywebsitedesign.com or (610) 427-4187 for a free consultation. We cannot wait to meet with you to show you how we can help grow your business online.

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