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Author: Kaitlin Farris

Social Media Marketing: How Does It Help Your Business Grow?

Does Your Business Really Need Social Media?

You hear the hype about Facebook and Twitter all the time. You know a lot of businesses have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, but you naturally have some questions before you take the big leap. Does your business really need to use social media? Will social media actually help your business? Is it worth the expense? The answer to these three questions is a resounding “YES!” However, there is one caveat: You must setup and utilize your social media presence properly in order to get a good return on your investment. Fortunately, Aivada Website Design can help. If you need social media marketing in Philadelphia or Delaware County, give us a call for a free consultation today.

How Does Social Media Marketing Help?​

For hundreds of years now, consumers have been bombarded with marketing messages and sales pitches – whether they wanted to hear them or not. This type of advertising, known as “outbound marketing” or “interruptive marketing”, is quickly becoming a thing of the past. There are two main reasons for this. First, consumers are increasing becoming skeptical of anything that remotely resembles a sales pitch. Second, it is simply not the most effective way to reach your target audience. Outbound marketing campaigns are a lot like trying to throw darts while blindfolded. You might hit the bulls-eye, but you might also miss the dartboard altogether. Consider for a moment how many television commercials you have seen in your lifetime for products for which you had zero interest. You did not ask for, want or need the information, but you received it regardless.

Social media marketing, which, along with other forms of online marketing, is referred to as “inbound marketing”, is different. It is more like an expert marksman throwing darts and hitting the bulls-eye every single time. Why? Because the consumer comes to the business. The consumer seeks out the information that he or she wants or needs. Of course, it is not quite this simple. A business cannot merely set up a Facebook page and wait for the consumers to show up. This is why Philadelphia and Delaware County businesses in need of social media marketing assistance need to contact Aivada Website Design.

How Does Kelly Website Design Help with Social Media Marketing?

Kelly Website Design helps Philadelphia and Delaware County businesses with social media marketing every single day. We will not only help you set up an online presence consistent with your brand, but we will help in several other ways, as well. We will help you get new followers, who are genuinely interested in your product or service – we never “purchase” followers! We will provide high-quality content to keep them coming back to your sites again and again. And, we will engage and interact with your followers to convert them into loyal consumers. We can also assist you with advertising on social media sites to boost your profile using one of our website management plans.

f your business is not utilizing social media, you are missing out. Contact us to get started today!

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is the #1 Content Management System in the world and is used by the likes of MTV News, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, Microsoft News and many more. furthermore, WordPress is simple, free, and includes a multitude of features and customization options. Also, WordPress can be used to create any type of website from a simple blog, to a small business website and even large eCommerce platforms.

WordPress is extremely easy to us and has a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Whether you wan to add new pages, blog posts, images, etc. you will be able to do so in a breeze. The technology used makes it easy and fast to make additions and changes to your website on a regular basis. You can also manage your website from any internet connected computer by using your browser to login to your administrator panel. You don’t need to know any HTML editing and it doesn’t require any FTP software. All of your uploads and changes are done right in the interface.

Built in Blog

WordPress also has a built in blog which you can make changes to without effecting the rest of your site. The blog software is also extremely easy to use. You will be able to setup RSS and email subscriptions as well as post your blogs to all social media platforms instantly.

WordPress is Easily Expandable

The WordPress platform is also designed to be extended with a variety of plugins that make your life easier. There are plugins that allow you to track visitors, create email lists, accept payments, sell products and more. This can all be installed into your site with a click of a few buttons. There is no end to how you can expand your brand new website.

If  designing a website on your own is too daunting of a task, you can contact Kelly Website Design today and we will create the perfect WordPress website design to match your brand and style. We not only do website design, we can also handle your logo designwebsite management and social media marketing. Please use our Start Today! form to get you on your way to a brand new website.

Kelly Website Design: Who We Are

Kelly Website Design is a brand new website design company located in Delaware County, PA the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Kelly Website Design is a full-service web design company founded in 2019. Our company develops and improves professional websites for customers across a wide variety of industries, including eCommerce, sports, real estate, health care, construction, finance and advertising.

Our company is committed to offering custom-made website design for every client, from small and medium business websites to large eCommerce websites. We offer a range of services from website design, social media marketingwebsite management and logo design. We are committed to meeting the needs of our various clients at reasonable prices and have grown to be one of the premiere website design firms in Delaware County.

When you decide to partner with Kelly Website Design, we can guarantee you will have a full-functioning website that will effectively reach your targeted audience and help increase your company’s online profile.  By utilizing any Kelly Website Design service, you can rest assured your company will be at the forefront in an ever increasing and competitive online market. We can assure your website will be built with the newest and most advanced technologies and work across all web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Brave, Firefox and Edge) and viewable on multiple screen sizes from desktop computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Why should you choose Kelly Website Design?

Quality of Work.

We offer high-quality, premium website design services that are customized to your needs. We will work with you from start to finish to understand your target audience and what your goals are. On every project, you will work directly with a single designer to provide you with a smooth transition from start to finish.

Experience Matters.

Our small team has worked with thousands of clients from small-business, start-ups and large corporations. You will be working closely with owner Ed Kelly who has been designing websites for over 20 years. He has a degree in Computer Science with minors in Web Technology, Graphic Design and Professional Education and has worked thousands of hours with various web platforms from pure html/css coding to CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla and more. We can assure you that you will be hard-pressed to find another website design firm that has the expertise we offer.

Competitive Pricing.

Our pricing at Kelly Website Design is competitively priced to give you the service you deserve and the results your company desires. We offer various packages to fit your needs starting with an $899 plan for start-ups using the WordPress Content Management System.

Money-Back Guarantee.

We strive to provide you with the highest possible customer service but if you should find yourself dissatisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your website mock-up. Please review our refund policy.