How to Accept Cryptocurrency on Your Website

If you’re looking to maximize your website’s earning potential, you might want to consider accepting cryptocurrency.

You might have heard of bitcoin, which is a type of cryptocurrency. Other popular forms of cryptocurrency include Ethereum and Litecoin. As it grows in popularity, businesses that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment can attract a unique kind of customer.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

So what is cryptocurrency? It’s a form of payment based on blockchain technology. It doesn’t get housed in banks or other types of financial institutions the way other legal tender does. The blockchain holds details about a person or entity’s transactions to keep track of its cryptocurrency available.

Units of currency are called tokens. To earn cryptocurrency, “miners” solve complicated algorithms out in the crypto network. For each algorithm they solve, they add cryptocurrency to the blockchain.

When these miners solve an algorithm, it helps verify transactions, which is why those miners get awarded with a token for their work.

Why Accept Cryptocurrency?

Each month, users create an additional 300,000 bitcoin wallets, proving that cryptocurrency is here to stay and will likely continue to grow. And with those continuously expanding bitcoin wallets, many businesses have chosen to begin accepting digital currency.

Popular companies you might have heard about that accept digital currency include PayPal, Expedia, Microsoft, Reddit, WordPress and Etsy.

Organizations that choose to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies experience these great benefits.

  • Additional customer traffic: people who are involved in cryptocurrencies tend to get pretty excited when a new merchant accepts digital currency. This leads to them helping to spread the word about that business within the community.
  • Repeat customers: when merchants accept cryptocurrency, they show customers that they understand them. This builds a stronger relationship between the business and the customer. This helps build repeat customers.
  • Fast payment processing: because cryptocurrency is a digital currency, transactions are almost instant. You won’t have to wait tons of time for your transactions to process.
  • Improved cash flow and money availability: since payments process so quickly, you can easily withdraw the currency or use it to purchase additional products and supplies for your business. This provides better cash flow for you to operate your business.
  • Lower processing fees: you’ll pay about half as much to process a cryptocurrency transaction than you would for someone to use a credit or debit card on your website.

Ways to Accept Cryptocurrency

The simplest way to accept cryptocurrency on your WordPress website is to use the CoinGate plugin. Even once you have the plugin, you’ll need to go into your settings within WooCommerce to activate cryptocurrency payments.

Within the settings, click the checkout tab, and then CoinGate. On that page, you’ll see a checkbox for “Enable Bitcoin payment via CoinGate.”

Before activating this, just be sure that you set up your CoinGate account and enter your API keys in the settings to ensure your transactions go to the right places. You’ll get your API information from CoinGate in the dropdown under your profile where it says, “API Apps.”

You’ll have the option to customize tons of other settings within your website as well for how you take payments and how you work with them as far as your accounting procedures.

Help Setting Up Your Website’s Cryptocurrency Payments

Kelly Website Design offers website support for e-commerce websites and standard websites. Whether you need to add cryptocurrency payment options or are looking for a fresh design, we’re the team that can help.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can get you set up with cryptocurrency.

Why Your Business Needs Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting: Budget Hosting vs. a Local Provider

Budget website hosting platforms are everywhere, from Bluehost to GoDaddy, you can host your website for just a few dollars a month. But what you might not know is that these plans are stripped down.

And because these platforms host so many websites, they’re a huge target for malicious activity. That means that your website is vulnerable to outages that the large hosting sites experience. When they go down, so will your website.

The issue that could be affecting your website’s hosting could be as simple as a maintenance error that leaves your website unavailable for hours like Bluehost experienced a few years ago.

Choosing a local WordPress hosting company like Kelly Website Design means you get reliable hosting with a suite of services that help protect your website, provide traffic insights and SEO information to help you grow your business.

Constant Updates, Scans and Backups with Managed WordPress Hosting

In addition to being a more stable WordPress hosting option, Kelly Website Design also offers regular updates for WordPress, your website theme and plugins. It’s important that you don’t blindly update themes and plugins without checking compatibility with new versions of WordPress.

Failing to update the various aspects of your WordPress website can leave you vulnerable to hackers. You certainly want to monitor these updates to ensure you always have the best security and protection for your site.

Not only do we ensure your website is regularly updated, but we also do a daily security scan. This way, we can detect concerns before they become large issues to close security gaps before they become an issue for you.

With Kelly Website Design Managed WordPress Hosting, you also get regular website backups and contact form backups. In case anything were to go wrong with your website, we could get it back up in minutes thanks to these constant backups.

Monthly Reports Included

When you use a budget hosting platform, you’re left to interpret your website data on your own. You might even need to purchase additional software to get the insights you want on SEO and uptime.

But with Kelly Website Design, we provide monthly reports. These reports include:

  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Rankings
  • Backups
  • Uptime
  • Updates
  • And MORE…

Because we’re a local company, we’re easy to reach when you need assistance and we can tailor your website hosting experience to match your needs.

Managed Website Hosting from Kelly Website Design

We offer this outstanding service for just $55 a month. It includes an SSL Certificate and 10 GB of monthly bandwidth. If you need more bandwidth, we can provide an extra 1 GB for $5 more per month.

With us, you have room to grow your website presence without running out of space or experiencing slower website speeds.

Pair our Managed WordPress Hosting with our sleek, conversion-focused website design services and your online presence will be polished, reliable and attractive to prospective customers.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can take your online presence to the next level with Managed WordPress Hosting and other website services.

How A Responsive Website Helps Your Business

As smartphones become the most dominant driving force of internet traffic – a responsive website is probably the most sought-after element in web designing. It includes the ability of a website to adjust to any device, such as a PC, laptop or a smartphone, without losing its speed or quality.

Businesses now make sure that their website runs fast across all devices. Most web designing services optimize a website to run well on all devices — to keep visitors from straying away and to provide a seamless experience to the visitor.

If you are a business owner, who is unsure about the integration of a responsive web design for your website, let us enlighten you with what it can do for you:

Responsive Website Design

The main purpose of a responsive web design is to ensure that a website runs smoothly on all devices, regardless of their specs, screen size or features. An advanced flexible layout allows web designers to make sure all media runs well on the website.

Today more people use smartphones to check out websites. A responsive web design helps avoid unnecessary scrolling, so visitors experience a smooth transition from one page to the other. It improves traffic and increases chances of conversion.

Instead of designing multiple websites for different platforms, you can have one layout that works well on all devices.

Why A Responsive Web Design Matters For Your Business

A well-performing website can do wonders for a business. Let’s see how it can help achieve your business goals:

Better Sales

When a user comes across a website that is fast and has minimum page-load time — it has a major impact on conversion and the visitor often becomes a customer. Studies suggest that over 62% ecommerce stores were able to improve sales with a more responsive website.

Navigation becomes easier and the visitor can quickly switch between pages. It helps with the decision-making process of a visitor, which in turn, increases sales.

Helps Reach Out To Mobile Audiences

The ever-increasing use of smartphones has generated even a bigger demand for a responsive website. Recent research shows that 72% people prefer a more mobile-friendly website.

It is imperative for businesses to switch to a responsive web design to market their brand and increase revenue.

Improved Visibility On Search Engines

Search engine optimization helps improve a website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. The higher a website the better are its chances to attract potential customers. With regular tweaks in its algorithm, Google prefers to rank responsive websites higher.

Cost Effective

A responsive website helps a business save money by eliminating the need for multiple websites. Investing in a high quality business website goes a long way in achieving the long-term goals of a business or company.

Our Word

A fast-performing website can do wonders for your business, both in the short and long term. It allows you to market your brand and helps the visitor make his/her buying decision.

It is a cost-effective solution to everyday business worries. With a website that ranks higher on Google, business owners do not have to worry about online marketing. Users enjoy the experience and are able to make a purchase right then and there.

If you are a business owner who wants to create brand awareness and increase sales, we suggest you contact a website design company that caters to your business needs today!

Why Site Speed Matters

Would you wait longer than a minute for a webpage to load?

Statistics say that almost half of us won’t even wait for two seconds!

What does this mean for you and your website?

That’s right! If your site’s not fast enough, people will bounce off before they ever lay eyes on all that you offer.

A slow-loading website is frustrating for users who are just trying to browse through your content.  And if that’s not motivation enough for you to work on site speed, here’s another important fact:  Google also accounts for site speed as one of the factors for determining page rankings.

Let’s look at why site speed matters for a successful online presence.

Site Speed Impacts Your SEO

Google uses algorithms to determine search results that appear in response to a query typed in the search bar.

In 2010, it introduced site loading speed as one of the signals for better ranking – it shows how responsive your website is to user’s web requests.

If a website takes ages to load, visitors usually continue their search elsewhere. Google understands that and does its best to send people to sites that have the most relevant results with faster load times.

This means that you may have the most relevant and impactful content for your target market on the internet, but if your website is taking forever to display it, Google won’t rank you in the search results.

It’s all about what makes users happy, and slow loading sites do the opposite of that.

Slow Speed Leads To Buyer Distrust

Businesses go to great lengths to ensure that customers keep coming back – a slow website makes that nearly impossible.

The standard browsing experience begins as a user logs on to a search engine like Google, and enters a search query. The results show up almost immediately, and luckily, your website is there at the top of the search results, proudly displaying a link to content the user is looking for.

They click the link to your website… and wait.

The page takes forever to load.

If it were you instead of that visitor, would you stick around to see what the website has in stock? No, you’d probably go back to the search results page and opt for “your competitor” who has a better and faster loading website.

People are impatient and need immediate results, and they learn fast.

Next time they search for a product or service similar to yours, they’ll avoid clicking on your link because they already know what to expect. In fact, stats show that 79% of online shoppers won’t return to a site if they don’t like how it performs.

But if they see what they want on time, they might make the purchase and even recommend you to others by sharing your website with social media or through word of mouth.

In Conclusion

Creating the perfect browsing experience for your site’s visitors isn’t just about the aesthetics and customer service you provide – but the overall performance matters too.

Variables like page speed and responsiveness go a long way in ensuring that your customers keep coming back for more.

Site speed also matters immensely for SEO and Google search rankings.

We’d love to help get your site up to speed so you can keep those customers, prospects, and users rolling in.

Professional Website Management: Beyond a Benefit

Nowadays, your business’s website is more than just another doorway that people enter to learn about your products and services; It is the doorway that people enter. As we have recently entered 2019, the digital age is showing no sign of slowing, and with this technological renaissance, the idea of store fronts is becoming obsolete. With eCommerce, your business can thrive from a dilapidated 6×6 shack, and for traditional stores, an online presence will vastly broaden the horizon of their clientele. Therefore, with these solid realities, professional website management is dire to maintaining a lucrative business.

A large gathering of business benefits correlates to professional website management. From increasing your clientele with social media content, to expanding organic traffic with SEO, expert website management will give stale businesses a kick start into the online business world, which today, is the business world.

Social Media Brings Your Business to Every Home

The growth of social media is astounding, and this form of communication has dominated human interaction. Having a strong presence among social media is crucial, as it allows the public to get to know your business. If you have no presence on social media, or your content is tacky or displeasing, people will not like you on Facebook. If they do not like your business on Facebook, then any interest they had about your business stops there. Staying up to date on social media will gobble up your time, and as a business owner, you probably don’t have time to be on Twitter and Instagram all day. Well, professional website management will free up your time and ease your worries, as content will always be relevant and enjoyable.

Website Management Security and Technical Support Services

With professional website management, you will no longer have to fret over broken links, or damaged functionality. Hackers target lucrative businesses, so having your website’s security monitored will protect your assets and your business. Overall, with professional website management, hackers will ignore your website, and users will keep coming back.

Track Customers and Sales with Analytics

An entire day can be swallowed up reading website analytics, and learning how to do this will demand even more of your time. However, with a professional managing your website, they will be able to track users and their purchases. Obviously, this is great for keeping organized, and current, sales reports, but this helpful facet provides businesses with another extraordinary asset. With user analytics, you can track where your website traffic is coming from. This allows you to hone in on relevant users, therefore, giving you an advantage of where to target advertisement and web exposure.

Maintain That Domain

The first thing that someone sees when they visit a website is the website’s URL, or domain name. This name, as it is the first impression potential clients will see, should always be relevant and current to your services. New terminology and trendy terms are created every day. If your business happens to be linked to one of these new terms, then your domain name should reflect this, as it shows search engines, and potential clients, that your business is up to speed. Website management will keep your URL current and powerful.

If you run a business, then by now, you should know that having a website is crucial. Managing a website will keep online momentum up, and thus, help your business grow unimaginably. Doing this yourself is impossible, as it would take more time to manage your website, than it would to run your business. Our local Delaware County website management service is truly beyond a benefit.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is the #1 Content Management System in the world and is used by the likes of MTV News, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, Microsoft News and many more. furthermore, WordPress is simple, free, and includes a multitude of features and customization options. Also, WordPress can be used to create any type of website from a simple blog, to a small business website and even large eCommerce platforms.

WordPress is extremely easy to us and has a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Whether you wan to add new pages, blog posts, images, etc. you will be able to do so in a breeze. The technology used makes it easy and fast to make additions and changes to your website on a regular basis. You can also manage your website from any internet connected computer by using your browser to login to your administrator panel. You don’t need to know any HTML editing and it doesn’t require any FTP software. All of your uploads and changes are done right in the interface.

Built in Blog

WordPress also has a built in blog which you can make changes to without effecting the rest of your site. The blog software is also extremely easy to use. You will be able to setup RSS and email subscriptions as well as post your blogs to all social media platforms instantly.

WordPress is Easily Expandable

The WordPress platform is also designed to be extended with a variety of plugins that make your life easier. There are plugins that allow you to track visitors, create email lists, accept payments, sell products and more. This can all be installed into your site with a click of a few buttons. There is no end to how you can expand your brand new website.

If  designing a website on your own is too daunting of a task, you can contact Kelly Website Design today and we will create the perfect WordPress website design to match your brand and style. We not only do website design, we can also handle your logo designwebsite management and social media marketing. Please use our Start Today! form to get you on your way to a brand new website.

Kelly Website Design: Who We Are

Kelly Website Design is a brand new website design company located in Delaware County, PA the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Kelly Website Design is a full-service web design company founded in 2019. Our company develops and improves professional websites for customers across a wide variety of industries, including eCommerce, sports, real estate, health care, construction, finance and advertising.

Our company is committed to offering custom-made website design for every client, from small and medium business websites to large eCommerce websites. We offer a range of services from website design, social media marketingwebsite management and logo design. We are committed to meeting the needs of our various clients at reasonable prices and have grown to be one of the premiere website design firms in Delaware County.

When you decide to partner with Kelly Website Design, we can guarantee you will have a full-functioning website that will effectively reach your targeted audience and help increase your company’s online profile.  By utilizing any Kelly Website Design service, you can rest assured your company will be at the forefront in an ever increasing and competitive online market. We can assure your website will be built with the newest and most advanced technologies and work across all web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Brave, Firefox and Edge) and viewable on multiple screen sizes from desktop computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Why should you choose Kelly Website Design?

Quality of Work.

We offer high-quality, premium website design services that are customized to your needs. We will work with you from start to finish to understand your target audience and what your goals are. On every project, you will work directly with a single designer to provide you with a smooth transition from start to finish.

Experience Matters.

Our small team has worked with thousands of clients from small-business, start-ups and large corporations. You will be working closely with owner Ed Kelly who has been designing websites for over 20 years. He has a degree in Computer Science with minors in Web Technology, Graphic Design and Professional Education and has worked thousands of hours with various web platforms from pure html/css coding to CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla and more. We can assure you that you will be hard-pressed to find another website design firm that has the expertise we offer.

Competitive Pricing.

Our pricing at Kelly Website Design is competitively priced to give you the service you deserve and the results your company desires. We offer various packages to fit your needs starting with an $899 plan for start-ups using the WordPress Content Management System.

Money-Back Guarantee.

We strive to provide you with the highest possible customer service but if you should find yourself dissatisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your website mock-up. Please review our refund policy.

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