You may not have known, but Google released its new algorithm updates this week. This update was a core update which is much larger than the usually daily updates to the algorithm.

The September 2019 Core Update is now live and will be rolling out across our various data centers over the coming days.

— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) September 24, 2019

Usually most business owners have no idea Google even updates their search algorithms affecting their website performance in search which affects their bottom dollar.

The last major update that people may remember was the mobile-first update, where everyone rushed to make their site mobile ready. On that update Google pre-released a statement which gave website owners time to prepare their sites for the update.

Aside from the mobile update, Google doesn’t usually give advanced warning for algorithm updates and the tasks website owners need to take in order to get the most out of the new algorithm.

Here are a few basics you need to know about Google’s algorithm updates:

Google Updates its Algorithm Daily

Like I explained earlier, Google makes updates to its algorithm daily that you most likely never hear about.  Google is always changing the algorithm to provide users with the most relevant searches for their query (in most cases).

You won’t notice this daily changes and Google will not tell you what these changes are.

Google Algorithm Core Updates are Larger and Happen Less Often

Core updates may happen a few times per year. When these larger updates happen, Google may tell us they are coming and what to do to prepare our websites. The last few core updates happened in March, June and now September.

These core updates focus on various ideas Google has to improve search. For example, a “Diversity Update” to prevent any single website from holding multiple spots for one search.

As of right now, we are not sure what to expect from the September update.

What Can You Do?

That’s the obvious next question. Here are some tips:

Track Google Algorithm Updates.

You can follow a variety of site that will help you with tracking Google updates. Two good ones are Search Engine Land and Moz. You can also follow Google Search Liaison on Twitter where you can opt-in to alerts.

Work on Your Site Continually.

This is a big one. You must be adding new content to your website almost weekly in order to keep it relevant in search. Google even tells you this HERE. Google is constantly looking for new and exciting content and if your website is stagnate, it will hurt it in search.

These are all tips to help you stay relevant in Google search. Next blog I will cover some techniques to help your website perform better in search, so check back often!