How to Prepare for a Website Design Project

By Kaitlin Farris
By Kaitlin Farris

Steps to Prepare for a Website Design Project

If you’re starting a new business or looking to freshen up your online presence with a new website, there are some steps you should take to prepare for the project. While a website designer will offer you guidance along the way, some preparation can ensure the process moves along smoothly and swiftly.

Your website designer will create an outstanding customer experience and an attractive look and feel for your website with an eye toward SEO and simple navigation. Your job will be to prepare the necessary collateral for the website.

5 Steps to Prepare for a Website Design Project

You can prepare yourself and your business for a website design project in 5 easy steps. The more thorough you can be in your preparation, the easier the website project will go, and in some cases, you’ll end up with a better website.

Step 1: Outlining your web pages

Take a moment to outline your website. This is also called a sitemap and helps your website designer create menus and navigation that will fit your website’s structure. Most websites feature a homepage, about page and product/service pages. But you might have additional pages, such as bio pages for your staff, a blog or industry-specific information.

Step 2: Create content for each page

Now that you have an outline for what webpages you want to include, you should start writing the copy for these pages. You can write the content yourself or hire a copywriter to complete your content. Consider breaking your content up into short, readable segments. This will make your pages more inviting. Use headings and bulleted or numbered lists to keep content short and readable.

Step 3: Outline your branding

Before your website designer can create a stunning website experience, they’ll need to know more about your branding. Outline your preferred fonts, color palette, and elements you’d like included in your website. The clearer and complete you can make your brand guidelines, the easier it will be for your web designer to do their work.

Step 4: Create an online folder with images, illustrations and content to share with your website designer

Using a cloud program, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, upload all content, images, illustrations, etc. to a folder so you can share that content with your website designer. Having all this content in final state will make it simple and easy for your website designer to get to work immediately. It’s a good idea to put your sitemap in this folder as well so that your website designer can see how the content comes together.

Step 5: Hire a website designer

Now that you have all your planning and preparation in place, it’s time to hire a website designer. Read online reviews to learn more about the designer and other customers’ experiences with them. Check out case studies and samples of work on their website or portfolio to learn more about their skills and expertise. Ask for specific industry experience if you think that’s important to your project.

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