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Once you have found your followers, what exactly do you do with them? You engage them by providing high quality content. And,that’s what we’ll do for you!
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Delaware County, PA Social Media Management Firm

Social media management can be extremely stressful, overwhelming, and yes, time-consuming – especially if you also run your own business.

Kelly Website Design can manage all your social media accounts and create a customized social media schedule just for you. We will create and post all custom content for your clients and fans to enjoy.

We will choose the correct platforms for all your content and start generating leads you never would have gotten before.

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“It is nice using people that are passionate about their work. I will be using him again for another project in the coming months and highly recommend him for your business.” 

Jon Schaffer | Google Review
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Social Media Management

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Fast response to followers along with targeted ads and posts will help you turn followers into clients. 

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Why Should You Choose Kelly Website Design?

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Social media is more popular than ever. Facebook, for example, has more than a billion regular users, from pre-teens to senior citizens. These social media sites are not just for individuals. It is vitally important that companies maintain a presence on popular social media sites. First, it lends a sort of credibility to your business. Second, social media presents an opportunity to potentially reach millions of members of your target audience in one location. Finally, social media allows you to engage and interact with your customers in a new way. If you leverage this correctly, you will create an unparalleled level of trust and brand loyalty. At Kelly Website Design, we can custom create a social media presence for you, as well as conduct social media marketing campaigns that will increase your website traffic and lead to higher conversions.

Finding Followers

There was a time not too long ago when companies would purchase likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter. They reasoned that this made them look more popular and would increase their sales. These tactics failed miserably. Not only were they transparent to the public, they also diluted the marketing message as well as analytics. Whatever you do, do not purchase likes or followers. Instead, contact Kelly Website Design. We will create and carryout a social media marketing campaign that will effectively reach your target audience and successfully increase your number of genuine likes.

Engaging and Interacting  

Once you have found your followers, what exactly do you do with them? You engage them by providing high quality content. Take note that not every social media post should have a call to action that converts to sales. In fact, these should be few and far between. You should also interact with your followers in an authentic manner. For instance, consumers may post questions or complaints on your social media page. Respond to these with honesty and sincerity, and do everything in your power to answer the question or resolve the complaint. Others will see your customer service efforts and this will translate to trust and brand loyalty. No one expects your company to be perfect, after all. They just want to know that you will respond appropriately when you make a mistake.

Kelly Website Design will not only help you find genuine followers, we will help you engage and interact with them as well. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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Client 1

“Kelly Website Design did such a great job. My clients definitely have benefited from using my business website since I have collaborated with him. I appreciate timely work and an all-in-one platform to be able to track everything.”

Patrick Moran | Public Record Experts
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“Kelly Website Design did a great job on our website! We love the way it turned out. They were easy to work with, always available and we recommend them to anyone who needs a new website, you won’t be disappointed.”

Robert Miller | R.A. Miller Services
Client 3

“Working with Ed is an absolute joy. I didn’t know much about what I wanted for my business website but he worked with me and made an excellent product. Will recommend to anyone!”

Joshua Passadino | Hear In Harmony
Client 4

“Owner is very professional and prompt. Created a visually stunning website for my business at a great cost. Helps with all areas of website design and upkeep, fresh content and advertising tips. Highly recommend their services.”

John Grossi | RItner Street Capital

Social Media Management Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most frequent questions about social media management. If your question is not answered here, please use our Quote Request form.

Why is social media important?
If you want to increase your brand awareness, you need social media marketing. Over 30% of time users spend online, is allocated to social media. Social media offers brand awareness and sponsored content advertising. You can interact with your current and potential clients in order to keep everyone up-to-date on what your business is doing.
Can you delete bad comments and reviews?

We can delete comments on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Facebook and Twitter does not allow us to delete reviews or comments, we must report them and hope their administrators delete them for you/us.

On some platforms, like facebook, you have the ability to block unwanted words and profanity from your page.

We will go over the social media policies after our initial consultation and we have decided what platforms you will need to use.

What social media platforms should I use?

Facebook is a great place to start but each social media platform offers a unique experience. We will recommend what platforms you should use once we compete our original consultation.

How often should I post?

We recommend posting at least two times per week on most platforms. You can post more frequently on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. You can also utilize the stories feature which allows you to post daily and the stories expire after 24 hours as to not clog up your timeline.

We will come up with a plan for your social media posts after our initial consultation.

Do you answer my followers questions?

Absolutely! If you have our Enterprise package, we will answer all questions your followers have. The customer service part of social media is critical. We can’t leave your adoring fans hanging! We will contact you if we are unsure of how to respond, but we always reply to any questions your followers may have.

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We are also here to answer any and all questions you may have, so ask away!