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Accept Credit Cards on Your Website

How Easy is it to Accept Credit Cards on a Website?

Whether you operate an e-commerce website or a services website, you can accept credit cards with ease. The demand for simplicity and fast online transactions continues to grow and with that has come website functionality and tools for just about any site.

First, we’ll evaluate your options for accepting payments on an existing WordPress website without having to create a separate cart area using WooCommerce.

1. Stripe Plugin

Stripe is a secure credit and debit card processor. You can add the Stripe Plugin to a WordPress website to accept credit cards for things like ebook downloads.

Users have the option to make a one-time payment or a recurring payment. This feature can be nice for freelancers who have a monthly retainer with clients so they can set up recurring payments. Or, if you offer a subscription to certain content, these recurring payments can enable this option.

2. PayPal

Give users the option to pay with PayPal, a well-known and well-respected online credit card processor. The other benefit of using PayPal is that many people already have an account, so checking out is frictionless.

And using PayPal is great because it sends the user out to their direct site to finish their payment. That way you don’t have to worry about security concerns directly on your website.

Setting up the PayPal button on your website is fast and easy. You’ll log into your PayPal account and choose your button style. Now you can add it anywhere on your site, even multiple places if you have more than one product available for purchase.

3. Third-party Plugins

If you already have merchant services and a processing partner, you can check for a third-party plugin for your website. However, moving to a WooCommerce website might be a better option because you’ll have a variety of options within WooCommerce that you don’t have in WordPress.

There are 63 payment extensions within WooCommerce. From Square to Amazon Pay, you’ll be ready to take any form of payment that’s affordable for you and convenient for your customers.

When Selecting Credit Card Processing, Remember the Customer

Mobile e-commerce continues to grow and expand. With that come new demands for a simple checkout process that helps users avoid finding their credit card and punching in the data for it.

Before you select how you’ll accept credit card payments on your website, consider your customers. Services like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal all allow users to make a purchase with preprogrammed information. This way, they don’t have to enter their mailing address or credit card information on a small screen.

If your checkout process doesn’t meet the demands of mobile e-commerce, you’re much more likely to lose the sale. So while some of these services might charge larger processing fees, realize that those fees might be worth it to avoid losing customers.

Website and eCommerce Expertise

If you’re new to accepting credit cards on your website, you should consider discussing the matter with a website and e-commerce specialist.

Kelly Website Design offers more than just website design services. We’re also a team of experts who know how to meet customer demands and create an online experience that keeps customers coming back.

Contact us to get started with accepting credit cards on your website.

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