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Tips for Increasing Website Traffic

| Kaitlin Farris | ,

Many businesses set a goal of increasing website traffic year-over-year. But finding ways to increase quality visitors is challenging and takes work and strategy.

As a website management team, our clients often ask for tips to get more quality website visitors. We offer insights on how to improve your website traffic in practical, sustainable ways.

Post to Social Media

Social media can help build traffic to your website. But you’ll need a strategy for how often to post and to where.

Take advantage of groups where users are more engaged. Groups are most prevalent on Facebook and LinkedIn and can be fantastic for growing traffic. You’ll need to post new content in these groups regularly though to continue to see benefits.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for publishing. Your connections know you on a personal level and will be likely to check out your content. Invite your employees to all share your content on their personal profiles to gain even more traffic.


Blogging is something that most businesses try at some point. But the problem is, they don’t stick with it or start with a dynamic strategy. To make content marketing efforts really work for you, you need to do the following.

  1. Create irresistible headlines. Even with the best SEO targeting, you’ll be one of 10 results a user sees. You need to entice them with great headlines to pick your article.
  2. Target long-tail keywords. Many companies do some basic SEO research and target keywords that hundreds, if not thousands, of other businesses are already targeting. Instead, use long-tail keywords to reach the very specific audience who will benefit from your content.
  3. Write content and create visuals that entice referral traffic. Getting links to your content will help build organic traffic to your site from other websites.

Write a Guest Blog

Guest blogs help in improving SEO value due to having more backlinks. But they also help in building awareness for your business with people who have no previous relationship with you. While it’s great to write for your own blog, writing for other blogs is also beneficial to grow your following.

Distribute Content via Email Marketing

If you build it, they may or may not come. Don’t rely on SEO too heavily to the point where you don’t take full advantage of your owned audience.

Email marketing, text messaging and social media are all great ways to reach existing fans and followers with your content. If you’re publishing blogs or content marketing of any kind and not emailing it out to your list, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

Build a Community

One-way content is not nearly as inviting to return to as interactive content is. When you build a community, you have an excuse to reach back out to customers to ask their thoughts and input on various topics.

Communities can be through Facebook groups, forums or other website tools. Just be sure you’re monitoring and managing the community as failing to do so will make you look uninterested in the interactions.

And while you’re building communities, consider adding to other communities you don’t own. Interacting in comment sections can build awareness for your business and provoke some clicks from curious people who want to learn more.

Use Video

People engage with different kinds of content. Some people prefer to read a blog while others prefer to get their content from videos. YouTube is essentially a search engine for videos. Get more traffic to your website through posting videos.

And when you post those videos to your website, be sure to use schema markup. Ask your website team about video schema and the benefits it provides your website.

Purchase Well-placed Ads

Sadly, not all traffic-building efforts are free. But paying for well-placed ads can do wonders for generating the RIGHT traffic to your site. Ads help build your following and bring quality traffic to your website.

Think about ways you can use ads to build your owned audience, such as getting new social media followers or increasing your email marketing distribution.

If you need help building your website’s traffic, consult the Kelly Website Design team. We have extensive experience in building high-functioning websites that encourage repeat visitors. Contact us to learn more.